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Fish & Chip Packaging

We have been working with local and national Fish and Chip Shops for over 20 years.

Corrugated Fish & Chip Boxes

We have many sizes of Fish and Chip boxes available, but we can also do your own bespoke size if required. These boxes can come in Brown Kraft, Recycled Board or White Kraft Board. We can discuss with you what material to use to ensure your Branded Fish and Chip Boxes enhance your business the best. By using the Recycled Brown Kraft, you can make the Fish and Chip box both recycled and recyclable. Our customers say that the custom Fish and Chip boxes have ensured good portion control and help to keep the product inside hot, fresh and crispy.

Min order of 10,000

Nesting Fish & Chip Boxes

Our Nesting, Branded Fish and Chip boxes offer a solution to those who don’t have the time to make up the corrugated boxes. These boxes offer a very different look to the corrugated takeaway boxes, both are available with totally personalisation so it comes down to, which style box do you prefer. Again we have many sizes available but we can also do your own bespoke sizes.

We can also produce the corrugated boxes with angled sides to enable them to nest and stack easily.

Min Order of 10,000

SOS Paper Carrier & Flat Paper Bag

What better way to get your Branded Fish and Chip Box home than in your own Customised Paper SOS bag. We have various sizes all to accommodate the fish and chip boxes that you use. These can be made in Brown and White Kraft, with the Brown Kraft being from recycled material. Also available in the paper bag range are the flat paper bags, either Greaseproof or 2 ply. These are fantastic for putting in all those lovely little extras that people like to buy.

Min order 10,000

Fish & Chip Sauce Cups & Tubs

Our Branded sauce cups/pots ooze quality and are so much better for the environment than the usual polystyrene cups. These really provide you with the ability to raise your Custom Takeaway packaging to the next level. We can make the cups with a degradable liner and a compostable lid.

Min order of 25,000

Fish & Chip Napkins

The Personalised Takeaway Packaging truly gets finished off when a Branded Napkin is given with the order. We have many styles and folds available, with different finishes to meet your budget and needs.

Min order of 30,000

Fish & Chip Greaseproof Paper

When lining your Branded Fish and Chips box, what better way to finish it off than with a Personalised Greaseproof paper sheet. These sheets can be cut to size to fit your Custom Fish and Chip Boxes. This offers the extra protection required to ensure the grease does not go through the box.

Min order of 25,000

Jute & Thermo Bags

When we talk Branded Takeaway Packaging at BSP we try and encourage the use of a reusable bag, thus helping the environment by cutting down on the need for plastic and paper. Within the Branded Takeaway Packaging we can offer Personalised Jute carriers and Thermo Bags. BSP have a team of graphic Designers to hand to help create the right image for a Branded Bag for Life

Min order of 500

Nesting Fish & Chip Trays

Our newest offering to the Fish and Chip industry is the Nesting Fish and Chip Trays.  These can be fully branded with your logo.  They are fantastic for the grab and go mobile market.  so whether you are servicing an event or you have a mobile unit, they are brilliant at elevating your brand.   They are also a great replacement for the polystyrene trays, not only because they are so much better for the environment but also because they look so much better.  Perfect for wrapping kebabs and wraps in. 

Min order 5000 

Plain Fish & Chip Boxes – Corrugated and Bio Boxes 

If you’re not ready to commit to a larger order, or don’t yet need branded boxes, we offer plain fish & chip boxes. These plain, brown and corrugated boxes are made from recycled paper and are fully recyclable.


We are pleased to announce our plain range of Bio Boxes,  We hold in stock 5 different sizes to accommodate all types of food.  These bio boxes are fully degradable.  To get a price list for the plain list click contact us below and request the Bio Box plain price list and sizes.  

To compliment the boxes, we also offer plain grease proof paper and plain sauce cups and lids. To finish it off, we also have plain carrier bags. 

Min order of 100 for boxes, 300 for bags, 1,000 for grease proof and 1,000 for cups and lids.

What our clients say

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