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Vinegar Hill bag

Kraft Paper Bags

We offer Kraft bags made from either recycled brown Kraft or white bleached Kraft paper.  We can make from a flat bag through to gusseted bags with various styles of handles.  We can provide a twisted paper handle, flat tape paper handle or even a rope handle.  A Kraft paper bag can offer a economic solution to your packaging needs.  They are a great way of making your packaging sustainable. 

Flat Bags and Satchel Bags

We offer Flat paper bags, without gussets to a range of industries.  From Bakeries and the Food industry through to Gift shops and Fashion.  The bags can be made in either white Kraft paper, Brown Kraft Paper or a Greaseproof Paper.  The recycled paper can be made from upto 70% recycled material making it a great product for the environment.  We can advise you what sort of paper would be best for your product.  This bag can then be printed upto 100% ink coverage in you specific pantone colour, allowing the bag to be totally bespoke to you.  As this is a machine run bag there are set sizes which we can discuss with you.

Min order of 25,000 

Satchel Bags are bags with side gussets only.  Used predominately in the Food industry.  They are often used as bread bags, baguette sleeves etc. 

Min order of 25,000 

SOS Kraft Paper Bags

An SOS paper bag is a bag with a side and bottom gusset.  We can provide this bag in White Kraft or Recycled Brown Kraft.  These bags can come with and without handle.  You can have a Flat paper tape handle or twisted paper tape handle.   Handles are either glued internally or externally dependant on the bag.  

These bags are extremely popular in the Food Retail section as an alternative to a plastic carrier. 

Min order 1000

Rope Handle Kraft Paper

If you are looking for something a little more premium, we would suggest our rope handle Kraft Paper bag.  These can be printed on a White Kraft or a recycled Brown Kraft paper.  They have a reinforced card turnover top and a reinforced card base, adding more strength and quality to the bag.  These can be made to any size and can be printed with 100 ink coverage. 

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