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About us

Ultimately, we tailor our solutions to your specifications. Therefore everything is about building your brand and image through effective packaging and additionally great customer service.


About B Smith Packaging

Firstly, B Smith Packaging has over 50 years of experience in the packaging industry. Consequently, across a variety of sectors, B Smith Packaging are at the forefront of unique sustainable packaging.  We tailor-make solutions to your needs. Everything is about building your brand and image through effective packaging.

To explain, our speciality is the design, supply and additionally the distribution of a wide portfolio of packaging products. Markedly, bags and boxes that are made from a variety of substrates alongside bespoke glassware and wooden premium packaging too.

Therefore if you want your packaging to stand out from the crowd, you’re in the right place.

Who we are

B Smith Packaging has notably been providing unique solutions to our clients for decades. Firstly, from our humble origins delivering brown paper bags, meat wraps, cheese wraps and boxes to Butchers, Fruit and veg sellers and bakers in the markets. We have grown and developed into today’s e-commerce and consumer-led marketplace of International brands. Obviously, we live in a world that is constantly changing. Consequently, the way we buy, source, and deliver our unique branded packaging has changed also. Regardless we have kept our focus through innovation and sustainability. We are constantly evolving our ability to grow your business through effective packaging that is out there to be seen. In reality, packaging is the most effective marketing tool for your business small independent or large corporate companies, with this in mind we will do packaging for anyone!


Infinite possibilities

In clarification, B Smith Packaging is focused on turning your packaging vision into a reality by creating perfect solutions. To demonstrate we can create unique packaging from a number of substrates including wood, paper, plastic, glass and a wide range of sustainable options. Specifically,  including corn and potato starch and sugar cane too. With the budding age of sustainability, these options are limitless.

Particularly for clients who want those to last, we additionally have a wide selection of products made from jute, JUCO, cotton and canvas.

Generally speaking luxury packaging and e-commerce is an amazing industry. We can tailor make nearly anything to your requirements from boxes to to umbrellas. With 50 years of experience and a specialised team of staff eager for a challenge.

As a result, we can produce whatever you need and we can provide a solution.

Our Values

  • Customer focus people icon Firstly, our customers are the heartbeat of our business and we have dedicated account teams to ensure your needs are met. Accordingly being in a timely, cost-effective way. Your goal is our aim and our expert team of staff is eager to help. 

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