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Folding Boxes

Folding Boxes

Our flat-pack printed boxes or rigid cartons are exceptionally diverse, being used by a variety of customers from fashion, through to catering.

Corrugated Folding boxes

BSP can supply corrugated folded boxes.  These make a strong display box that can be sent through the postal system.  They can be made with inserts to keep the product secure.  

They can be made from Recycled brown corrugated board or white board.  The box can be finished with a lamination or varnish to add some luxury to the box. 

These boxes can also be used in the food industry as a Hamper box.  

Min order 1000 

Solid Board Box

This fold flat board box is a great presentation box whilst being both cost effective and space saving. 

If needed you can have a pp window so you can view the 

These boxes can be used for a variety of products from food through to fashion. 

They can be used as a one or two piece box depending on what you are looking for. 

These boxes are totally bespoke and you can determine the colours and size of the box. 

We are able to design and produce inserts to go into the boxes ensuring the products remain secure

Min order 500