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Bags For Life

Our reusable bags for life come in a wide selection of styles and material. We have over 20 years experience creating and supplying reusable bags for businesses of all sizes.


Jute/Jutco Bags For Life

We have two ways of printing our Jute bags. 

The quick turnaround option, where you pick a stock size of carrier and then have it overprinted.  This is a very quick turnaround product and relatively low order quantity.  These bags are often used for special events. 

Min order quantity of 100

If you are looking for something more bespoke, we can manufacture the Jute or Jutco bags in India.  This means you can specify everything about the bag.   We can dye the jute and jutco to a pantone colour, or if you prefer you can use one of our stock colours.   Whilst these bags are on a longer lead time than the overprinted option, it truely means there is no restriction on the bag.    We can print upto 6 pantone colours, or we can digitally print the bags if the design is very detailed.

Min order quantity

Stock colour 500

Pantone Dyed 2000

Cotton/Canvas Bags For Life

A very popular style of bag for life as they can fold easily and be put in a pocket or handbag. 

At BSP we can produce these bags in two ways, the same as the Jute bags.  

We can do a quick turnaround bag, where you pick from a stock size and have the bag overpinted.  

Min order of 100

Again like the Jute bags if you want something more bespoke we would produce the bag in India.  Thus ensuring you get the exact size and print on the bag you require. We can print up to 6 colours when you choose the bespoke option, and we can also Dye the whole bag.   We have done some amazing embroidered canvas bags, which really make the bags stand out in a crowd.

We can also digitally print on these bags, meaning greater detail can be achieved.  These bag can be made in a standard shopper style bag, duffle carrier or drawstring bag. 

Min order 

Stock Colour 500

Pantone Dyed 2000


RPet Reusable Bags

BSP has seen a huge rise in the use of RPet material in the past twelve months.  It is made from approximately 89% of recycled plastic bottles.  This is hugely popular as it is taking the plastic bottles already in the system and reusing it.  

It is a very strong bag and is proving popular over a large range of industries from Fashion through to the Food industry. 

It is a fantastic material to print on and lends itself well to a 4 colour process print, meaning photographic imagery can be obtained. 

Min order 1000

Reusable Pouch Bags

There is no taking away from the handiness of a pouch bag.  

These bags can be custom made to your size.  

We have a huge selection of coloured nylons or if preferred we can make the pouch bags from recycled plastic bottles.  We can print upto 6 spot colours making you able to really brand the bag according to your logo. 

Min order 1000 


Non Woven Material

This material is made from PP non woven plastic.  Whilst it is a form of plastic it provides a reusable and lightweight durable bag for life.  This offers a cost effective solution to reusable bag.   We have a large range of stock material colours available and you are able to print upto 6 spot colours. 

Min order 500