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Plastic Bags and Carriers

With over 50 years experience providing plastic bags and carriers to a wide range of customers, we have something for everyone.

Classic Plastic Bags & Carriers

Our classic range incorporates vest carriers, punched out handles, flexi-loop handles, bags on a roll.  They can be made in any size.  The material can be pantone matched and we can print up 6 spot colours.  We are able to print 4 colour process print, creating a photographic imaginary.   

We like to sit with you and look at the products you are putting in the bags to advise the best solution and therefore the best style of bag to use. 

The majority of this range can be made from Recycled Plastic Bottles. 


Plastic E-Commerce

Our E-commerce bags are designed bespoke to meet your needs.  They have self seal strips to ensure they get the product inside safely to its destination. 

We can make these bags from Recycled Plastic Bottles.