Bespoke recycled plastic bags

Our recycled plastic bags use recycled plastic bottles in their construction.

Plastic bags

At BSP our Plastic Bags can be punched out or flexi loop and available in different micron sizes. In wet climates like the UK, they offer a cost effective solution that is recycled, reusable, waterproof and can be recycled again and again.

Our plastic bag range covers traditional bags such as vest carriers and standard HDPE and LDPE options. More popular in today’s climate are our recycled plastic bags made from re-extruded water bottles and our range of sugarcane and cassava root with plastic bags.  They are durable, waterproof reusable and are also recyclable.  Chemical additives can be used to ensure they degrade quicker if the client wants this functionality. Our bags can fold away and are a Bag for life like the Supermarket options. Due to the taxes, often it is the end consumer that pays for them so they are a great way to promote your business or brand.


Classic plastic bags


Our classic range incorporates vest carriers, punched out handles, flexi-loop handles, bags on a roll, and can be made in any size



Our e-commerce bags are designed with reinforced gussets to take the weight of the contents within and robust enough to reach their destination intact

Other plastic bags


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Luxury plastic bags


B Smith Packaging are the UK’s luxury plastic bag specialists with cutting-edge design and innovative ideas using exciting materials, finishes and handles

More about our plastic bag products

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