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Sustainable Values

With the challenges facing our climate today, it is one of our core missions to explore ways of having a sustainable impact on the environment with all of our packaging solutions.

Sustainable Packaging Ethics

Compostable, reusable, recyclable, degradable – Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

At B Smith Packaging we have a mission to take steps towards an improved sustainable impact. We are committed to finding ways to reduce our consumption and waste and we have worked extensively on sourcing alternatives to plastics while promoting recycled options to clients. We only source from mills with reforestation programmes. If it’s not recyclable, we promote reusable multi-use products and are phasing out single-use plastics where we can. Promoting sustainable business practice across our social media and listening to worldwide legislations and responding to help you, the businesses who matter. 

Wherever possible we use water-based adhesives and varnishes and plant or vegetable-based inks.


The Sustainable Materials

We also have a range of products that are made from potato and corn starch. These are home compostable. Our latest product is our paper bag made using wood fibres from controlled and sustainably managed forests, utilising technology which reduces waste and energy consumption. It is biodegradable and can also be recycled.

Sustainable Changes in the last 12 months:

  • Launched our new ‘box in a box’ concept to the E-commerce retail sector
  • Developed recycled plastic bottle bags, this has allowed us to use post-consumer waste, each bag repurposes 30 plastic bottles.
  • Migration from plastic carrier bags to paper and cardboard boxes: Our specialised sales representatives have been helping businesses from farm shops, delis, butchers and bakers to transition to less harmful packaging alternatives. 
  • Promoted true ‘Bags for life’ sustainable options made from cotton, canvas, jute and Juco for our clients to both sell and gift, promoting products that have a secondary and tertiary purpose in their lifecycle is integral to our mission. 
  • For our online retailers and to maintain our focus on sustainability, we have sourced paper mailing bags as an alternative to plastic.
  • Provided bespoke glassware solutions for artisanal gin brands
  • Designed a suite of new products that have the WOW factor for the recipient that can be flat-packed and reused.

Our Sustainable Values

  • Customer Focus icon Our customers are the heartbeat of our business and we have dedicated account teams to ensure your needs are met in a timely, cost effective way.

Some of Our Sustainable Clients

Interested in Being Sustainable?

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