Classic Plastic Bags

Our classic plastic bag range incorporates vest carriers, punched out handles, flexi-loop handles and bags on a roll. These traditional styles of bag can be made in any size, colour or thickness to suit your needs

Vest Carrier

We can manufacture the Vest carrier in any size you require.  Whilst the industry tend to use common sizes we can literally make to order. 

A Vest carrier works incredibly well as a thin cost effective carrier, that due to the handles can handle weight.  This carrier extends and fits alot in due the side gussets within the bag.  

We can extrude the film colour to match any pantone colour and then we can print up to 6 spot pantone colours.  

As with all our plastic carriers, this bag can be made from recycled plastic bottles.  We can add EPI to the plastic when it is extruded to help the bag break down over time. 

Min order 3000

Punched out handle 

We can make a plastic punched out handle carrier with and without gussets.   

Depending on the thickness of material you use we can reinforce the handle with either a turnover top or a patch handle. 

These bags are often used in the retail section, especially for a Sale bag in the Fashion industry.

Min order 3000

Flexi Loop or Plastic Tape handle

Our bags with an external handle instantly give the feeling of a bag for life.  

These bags are often reused and if made of strong enough material can be classed as a plastic bag for life. 

The strong handles have made them popular with very heavy products like wine bottles etc. 

We can pantone match the film colour and then print upto 6 colour print.  We can print flexo or gravue dependent of the design of your carrier. 

Min order 3000

Duffle Plastic carriers

A great way of getting a bag to be reused is to have a Duffle carrier.  Very popular in the Fashion and sport industry. 

These bags can have the film pantone matched and then printed in upto 6 pantone colours. 

Min order 3000




Plastic Bags on a roll

These bags are predominantly used in the Food industry.  

With the likes of farm shops using them , the bags on roll printed just take your branding that step further.

Min order 50,000

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