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Sustainable Packaging

At B Smith we are passionate about offering you a choice of packaging that can be more sustainable for our Planet.   


Recycled Plastic 

If you have a bag made from HDPE it can be made from Recycled Plastic Bottles.  At B Smith we really encourage the use of this material, as you are Reusing the plastic already in the system and turning it into something new.  The great thing about Recycled Plastic Bottles is that it doesn’t look like recycled material, it looks as good as if it were virgin material, therefore you are not having to compromise on the look of the bag. 

When ordering plastic carriers on average your carbon footprint will be lower than if you were to have chosen a paper carrier alternative.  This is due to the product being lighter and also due to the packing of a plastic bag – it packs down much smaller than an equivalent paper bag. 

Add an external Flexi loop handle to the bag and instantly people think of reusing the bag.

When the bag is finally finished with, you can pop it straight in the recycling bin and it can be put back in the system to be used once more. 

We can print these bags upto 6 spot colours or 4 colour process print, meaning you don’t have to compromise on design.

Min order 3000


Compostible Material

We are able to make bags out of fully compostable material such as Corn Starch and Potato Starch,   currently unless you are ordering very high quantities you are restricted to the off white material colour, although on higher quantities you could order the material in a pantone matched colour.   The great thing about the off white material is it is instantly recognised as a compostable material. 

We are able to offer either Home compostable or Industrial compostable material, dependent on your thickness of bag. 

These bags can be printed in the same way as a normal plastic carrier so you can still get the compostable bags with your full branding on.

Due to the nature of the starch material we consider these more of a single use carrier which we are trying to move away from, although when single use is needed these are a great alternative.

Min order 5000-10,000 dependant on style


Reusable Bags

At B Smith we are able to offer a wide variety of reusable bags, from Jute through to RPet we have it all.  We would strongly recommend clicking on the link below to see our full range of reusable bags and the how the different materials look and work.

Reusable bags really do offer the solution of being more sustainable.  With everyone now so much more geared up to taking their own bags to the shops, these bags have gone from strength to strength.   It is a fantastic way to promote your business and with them lasting for a lengthy period it ensures that your advertising sticks around. 

Recycled Paper Bags

As soon as you see a recycled paper carrier or box you instantly assume, good for the environment and sustainable.  Our Brown Kraft paper and boards can be made from approx. 70% recycled material.  The great thing is once the packaging is finished with you can drop it back in the recycling and the material can be used again. 

The downside is paper is much more bulky and heavy therefore has a higher carbon footprint than its alternatives.

If you are looking for a more luxurious paper rather than the brown Kraft, we can supply a dyed and embossed paper.  This gives the impression of a quality paper without having to have a plastic lamination on the bag/box.   You can get a real quality feel and finish to the product and elevate your brand and packaging whilst staying on point of sustainability.


Recycled Paper Boxes 


These same papers can be used to wrap any of the rigid boxes, enabling us to provide a quality gift/presentation box whilst still maintaining the sustainability of.   Alongside the rigid boxes we  produce a flat packed magnetic box, when made up you would think it was a fully rigid box.  When space is at a premium for storing these boxes fit the bill, whilst also helping take up less space when transporting, bringing down the carbon footprint of the product, whilst not compromising on the end result.