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Chocolate Packaging

We have been working with local and national chocolatiers and chocolate manufacturers for over 20 years.

Bespoke & Custom Chocolate Boxes

Your Vision, Our Creation

Bespoke packaging is our specialty. Tailor-made to fit your brand’s unique style, our custom chocolate boxes are a canvas for your creativity. Whether it’s intricate designs or unusual shapes, we’re here to bring your ideas to life.

We can help find the perfect balance between your creative vision and a budget to suit your business. 

Flat Pack Chocolate Boxes

Totally bespoke folding board boxes for display and gifting. Create a wow-factor on a budget and without taking up too much storage space.

Rigid Chocolate Boxes

Made from a thick card, specialist papers and finished with unique touches, such as embossed emblems and designs. Rigid boxes are perfect for that luxurious finish and offer unlimited design possibility.

Custom Advent Calendars

Countdown with Style

Embrace the festive spirit with our custom advent calendars. Tailored to your brand, these calendars are not just a countdown to Christmas, but a daily celebration of your chocolates.

Advent calendars don’t have to be the traditional window box you know of. Instead, they could be a stunning drawer box, multi-layer tray box. The possibilities are endless.

An advent calendar isn’t just for Christmas, you can also countdown the days to any occasion, including…

Easter Egg Boxes & Packaging

Jumping Out Of The Box

Our Easter egg boxes and packaging capture the joy of spring. Durable, yet delightful, they protect and present your Easter treats in the most appealing way.

From the smallest chocolate bunny, to large Easter hampers, we can help create the best package for you. 

Branded Chocolate Tins

Tins That Tell a Tale

Branded chocolate tins are not just containers; they’re keepsakes. We design tins that resonate with your brand’s ethos, turning every nibble into a memorable experience.

When your customer wants more than a box, a beautifully designed tin will continue the story long after the chocolates have gone. 

Unique Chocolate Packaging

Stand Out in Style

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Our unique chocolate packaging options are sure to turn heads and tantalise taste buds, giving your chocolates the spotlight they deserve.

When you spend so much time making your chocolates unique and special, let’s make your packaging reflect how outstanding your chocolates are.

Branded Chocolate Sleeves

Slide into Sophistication

Our branded chocolate sleeves are the epitome of elegance and simplicity. Perfect for showcasing your brand while keeping your chocolates snug and secure.

Chocolatier Retail Bags

Carry Your Chocolates with Pride

Our retail bags are not just about convenience; they’re about carrying your brand into the world. Stylish, sturdy, and sustainable, they’re the perfect takeaway for your chocolate-loving customers.

A beautifully designed bag can transform convenience into a gift.

Chocolate Packaging Accessories

The Finishing Touches

From ribbons to labels, our range of chocolate packaging accessories adds that extra sparkle to your products, ensuring every detail is as delightful as your chocolates.

What our clients say

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