Packaging for the Food and Beverage Sector

B Smith Packaging of Worcester are specialists in providing bespoke packaging to the food and beverage sector.

Packaging for the Food and Beverage Sector

B Smith Packaging of Worcester are specialists in providing bespoke packaging to the food and beverage sector.

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With over 20 years experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing food and beverage packaging, the process from order to delivery is smooth and streamlined. Onsite designers listen to briefs very carefully to ensure they meet the client’s needs, whilst accommodating the many different rules and regulations imposed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). The customer always ends up with effective and beautifully designed packaging that seamlessly incorporates the necessary requirements.

BSP are highly skilled in producing a wide range of packaging, such as turkey boxes, baguette sleeves and take away containers. Our in-depth knowledge of suitable materials and labelling restrictions means packaging will always be completed to a high standard with no compromises.

Kraft paper flat bags - SOS

Butchers. Bakers, Cheesemongers, Chip shops, Chocolatiers

We are privileged to have our own BCR Accreditation A storage and warehousing based in Worcester.  From here our 

All our packaging is produced within a high hygiene environment suitable for food packaging and we stringently audit our suppliers annually. We ensure the use of low migration food grade inks and food safe packaging boards as well as grease resistant coatings. This ensures that the risk of contamination is minimised and our in-house quality control enforces strict adherence to BRC guidelines for food packaging manufacturing and storage

Food packaging covers a wide range of products from primary packaging in direct contact with food, secondary outer packaging for on shelf and takeaway packaging. Food packaging can also require consideration of the temperature and environment with options for ovenable boards capable of withstanding high temperatures to the other end of the spectrum with refrigerator or freezer grade boards. 

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We are known by the Company we keep, and we keep Good Company

Our client profile covers global brands to local independents.  We DO not stock any plain unbranded packaging. Everything we do is bespoke brand specific packaging.  We take the hassle out of sourcing and act in partnership with our clients to provide the most sustainable, cost-effective solution to their packaging requirements.

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    “Sarah, you certainly went above and beyond in keeping me updated at all times. I find it very rare these days to find such great service and makes life a lot easier when you do find such service…”

    Green & Wilds
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    “We find them to be professional, accommodating and very approachable and strive to meet our professional standard…”

    Philpotts Limited
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    “Through their professional and friendly service we have been able to completely change our packaging to our own brand, with a look and quality that would rival any of the multi-national competitors…”

    Kernow Confectionery Ltd

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