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Environment policy

Sustainability and environmental awareness are at the forefront of everything we do.  We are active members of Sedex and abide by regulations.

Environment Policy

We only use ethically sourced raw materials and our pulp and board suppliers are FSC accredited and have re-afforestation programmes. On the plastics debate, we have worked with our suppliers to produce a recycled product that uses 30 plastic drinking bottles per bag and is directly dealing with reducing the plastic problem already in existence. 

Environmentally friendly packaging is the key

For nearly 50 years we have been at the forefront of environmentally friendly packaging, producing great products and services whilst maintaining an ethical conscience. We are pioneers in eco products, ranging from corn starch, cotton, jute, paper, non-woven materials, recycled materials and biodegradable additives.

We believe that in many cases, waste can be a valuable secondary raw material, so we are always striving to find sustainable alternative uses for any waste produced, for example, many of our plastic products can be made from recycled plastic bottles.

We are proud to be ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BRC accredited.


Environmental and Sustainability Policy

“At B Smith Packaging we are committed to our sustainability policy across all areas of our business, in particular to our engagement with suppliers, employees and the environment. Sustainability is regarded as a key part of our DNA and forms our core tagline of being a key provider of Bespoke, Sustainable Packaging”.

Chairman statement

This has been another progressive year for us in achieving a sustainable business.  We have made significant moves to try and source locally, where possible, to meet the requirements of our clients and maintain low carbon footprint whilst reducing lead times.

Our customers expect great quality from us. We work closely with our suppliers through long term partnerships to be able to deliver this. Our commitment to drive this continues, sustainable paper from FSC suppliers with re-afforestation programmes. Our cotton, jute and plastic bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and are now being offered to our clients. 

Our ongoing work with our external associations such as SEDEX, NFFF, Q Guild, FRA, CBA, the Queen’s Awards and local non-for profit charities in the year reflect how working with external organisations can deliver great results. 

In summary, this has been another positive year embracing sustainability in the business. There remains a lot to do but we continue to move in the right direction.

During the year, We have worked with some of our key suppliers to bring transparency to our network and clients who make our products and educate our customers, helping them to understand the origins of their packaging and support their sustainability policy . 

Sourcing responsibly to create sustainable products

B Smith Packaging works with over 100 supplier factories across 12 countries. We always seek to establish and maintain long term trading relationships with our suppliers, based on trust and mutual benefit. We pride ourselves on working with suppliers who share our values, seek to meet our high quality and ethical requirements and recognise our duty to limit the negative social and environmental impacts in our supply chain. 

When evaluating our supply chain, Our supplier code of conduct forms the foundation of our relationships with all of our suppliers and factories. All new suppliers and factories are required to sign up to this code and provide an ethical audit when they enter our supply chain.

We also require annual ethical audits for all of our factories, which need to be semi-announced or unannounced and conform to the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) format. This is what we base our risk assessment on, and what forms the basis of our engagement with suppliers on issues such as environmental impact and working conditions. We also conduct our own Verification Assessments at supplier sites and carry out annual audits. We use these assessments to check progress on previous findings and give factories valuable guidance on how to achieve sustainable changes in working conditions. This is especially true for follow up visits, where our local representatives are able to establish working relationships with factory management and lend their expertise to help factories make changes to complex management systems. 

Our environmental and sustainable policy is constantly seeking to achieve measurable improvements in working conditions in our key supplier sites. 

We continued to meet all of our key performance indicators for evaluating our supply chain. We discuss sustainability issues during our day to day meetings with suppliers and visits to supplier sites, to ensure that suppliers know this is part of how we do business. 

Our Design, Buying and Merchandising teams work closely with our sales team to ensure continuing commitment to ethical sourcing standards and an improved understanding of the impact of our purchasing practices on suppliers. We will continue to offer introductory training to new starters as well as building on this with a new phase of establishing purchasing practices and how we as a business can support better working conditions in our supply chain. 

Beyond audits to facilitating improvements

We know that the issues in our supply chain cannot be resolved in isolation, so we seek to collaborate with other companies and stakeholders in order to achieve change at a national or even regional scale. 

Sourcing materials sustainably is a key focus. We continue to put high quality and sustainability at the forefront of our sourcing strategy. We want to make packaging that our customers feel proud of, that is of the highest quality that promote their brands, that can add value to their bottom line and with our in house design department we believe that we should build in sustainability from the design stage. 

We are exploring the use of recycled fibres for products such as premium bags, paper fibre bags and have engaged a new jute/cotton supplier to cope with increase in demand for more environmentally friendly options.

Protecting our environment

Reducing our footprint Our strategy ensures that we promote environmental stewardship across our whole product value chain, including our own storage facility and buildings. We opened our state of the art storage and distribution centre in 2014 , which is a high performing environmentally friendly building. It has BRC A star accreditation for food and pharmaceutical storage.  This new centre has much greater recycling capabilities than our previous building, which has resulted in a 28% increase in the amount of waste that we recycle over the course of a year. 

We use low energy bulbs throughout our head office and storage facility and our lighting is motion operated. We recycle our water and have low flush sanitation systems. 

We share detailed advice with our clients on how to improve their energy efficiency through effective packaging. We have smart meters installed and this will enables us to monitor our electricity consumption across more accurately. We have used the data from our current smart meters to draw up energy saving guidance, which has been circulated to our clients especially those that use EPOS store call off systems. These recommendations provide general advice on how to best reduce energy consumption without compromising store operations with seasonal reminders adjusting for the cooler and warmer periods.

We hope to reduce our carbon footprint year on year as we realise the energy efficiencies created by our distribution centre and the increased storage we can offer our clients.

We are focused on recycling and we continue to increase the amount that we recycle in our business through our products, our offices and in our home working office environments. All of our carrier bags and ecommerce bags can be made from recycled materials, are degradable or sourced from certified sustainable sources, and our main labelling supplier has been certified to high standards of environmental sustainability.

Our people and communities

At B Smith Packaging we believe that our brand heritage, identity and image are shared by our people, at all levels, which helps to distinguish us from competitors and has been part of the success of our business.  We stand by our core values of: Customer focus, Quality, Integrity, Innovation, Sustainability and Responsibility   

We take a positive and proactive approach to the live issues that implicate our people and our culture and where possible protect all that is good about our business.  We give back to local and international communities with our buy 1, give 1 scheme.

Employee engagement

We remain visible and transparent with our plans for now and for the future with a strong emphasis on the part that people can play in our ongoing success. We engage people with the plan in a way that they can relate to and focus on not just celebrating the successes but learning from our mistakes to make us even stronger. 

Diversity and equality

At B Smith Packaging, we are committed to being an equal opportunities employer. All our policies and practices support this ethos as does our day to day decision-making. We have consistent pay rates and proactively monitor any gender gap. We work towards maintaining a stance of equal value regardless of gender and proactively work to stay ahead of the ever-changing environments in which we trade. 

We provide training and development opportunities to all employees. We do not discriminate based on age, race, colour, religion, gender, sexual preference, marital status, nationality, ethnic origin or disability, developing all of our staff to reach their optimum potential. It is Group policy to, wherever possible, retain in employment employees who have become disabled or suffered through ill health during their employment and to arrange appropriate provisions for them. 

We continue to ensure all our processes and practices are inclusive. We monitor our diversity through regular questionnaires and ensure that our recruitment practices are all-encompassing, based on talent and experience and that we give full and fair consideration to applications for employment from disabled candidates. 

Health and safety

The health, safety and well-being of our employees and customers are of great importance to us.  There is a comprehensive structure of processes and procedures to mitigate health and safety risk, including risk assessments, accident reporting and nominated health and safety representatives across the business. Policies and procedures are reviewed and audited regularly to make safety management more robust and up to date.


Our Values

  • Customer focus people iconWe want to evolve your brand and ours.  Our customers are the heartbeat of our business and we have dedicated account teams to ensure your needs are met in a timely, cost effective way.

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