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The Guild of Fine Food opens it’s doors to B Smith Packaging
Posted on Tue 11 October 2016 11:26

B Smith Packaging are proud to announce their new membership to The Guild of Fine Food, who support and encourage artisan food and drink producers.

Across the UK, The Guild of Fine Food has over 1,300 members and counting. The aim of the Guild is provide help and support to independent food and drinks sellers, such as delicatessens, farm shops and food halls, who mainly stock and sell their own produce.

By gaining membership to the organisation, BSP have been granted the seal of approval by a prestigious and highly coveted source. BSP have many years experience in providing high quality packaging to the food and drink sector, so their membership to The Guild of Fine Food should be mutually beneficial. Participation in the network of activities put on by The Guild of Fine Food opens up many doors for BSP, who are very grateful for this opportunity.

To find out more about The Guild of Fine Food, please visit their website

B Smith Packaging become members of the coveted Q Guild for Butchers
Posted on Tue 11 October 2016 11:26

B Smith Packaging have recently been accepted for membership of the Q Guild, who represent high quality butchers and independent meat retailers throughout the UK.

The Q Guild have over 120 members who serve an astounding £5 million worth of exceptional meat and related products to UK consumers every week. The butchers who have been awarded Q Guild membership are award winners and expert leaders in their field.

BSP’s membership has granted the company the seal of approval from the coveted panel of Q Guild specialists and opens the door to many opportunities throughout the meat packaging and distribution industry. BSP will be offering Q Guild members exclusive access to their expertise and high quality bespoke packaging services, which includes printed greaseproof paper, turkey boxes, cool bags, bags for life, meatsaver paper (both printed and on the roll) and vacuum pack bags.

For more information on The Q Guild, you can visit their website at

B Smith Packaging joins Buy1 Give1
Posted on Thu 16 June 2016 11:48

We believe that small businesses and everyday transactions can change our world when we come together through the sense of giving and caring, we believe in giving back to our global manufacturing bases, so in May 2016 we joined Buy1 Give1 and now…


You buy, we give… for every new order placed we donate a percentage to Buy1 Give1. Business for good.


Buy1 Give1 was launched in 2007 when a group of business owners realised that if giving was made easy and effective, many other business owners would also want to give back. High impact close-to-the-ground projects are selected, assessed and monitored, and using 100% of donations over 700 global projects are supported.


In the short time since joining B1G1, B Smith Packaging have given learning tools to the under financed library at Si Qing elementary school to help break the cycle of poverty by encouraging reading and learning, and have also covered a teachers salary to enable them to teach in an Indian slum school.


So every time you place an order, you’re supporting one of these global projects, and it doesn’t cost you a thing!


Giving made easy and effective.

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